Mental Health

DAY's mission is to transform the understanding of current Mental Health Design and take it forward into the 21st Century.


By providing an innovative approach to the Design and Delivery, we believe we can achieve a fresh, more pragmatic approach that helps to improve the safe and healing environment required for
both Service Users and Staff.


By providing each project within Mental Health its own unique identity, we hope instil pride and understanding for everyone involved.


We are currently working with a number of Trusts designing new and innovative bedrooms. Their goal is to have a space that is both safe and therapeutic for the service users. We have designed new items of furniture for these rooms in order to create a more domestic feel, patients also have the ability to customise their rooms with personal artefacts.


Further to this we are engaging with Mental Health Trusts and Acute trust in upgrading their wards to cater for the increasing percentage of dementia patients. We utilise symbols, colour coding and domestic style designs to create an environment which aids in way-finding and reduces stress for the patients.