Pall Mall Court, Manchester

Our initial observations were that the scheme has a lack of presence due to the over complex levels and multitude of entrance points, which prove particularly prohibitive for disabled visitors.


Our proposal seeks to address this by providing a clear entrance point with a new canopy which could be designed to respond to the original building concept of Jet stone. Further to this we would make the courtyard a local destination space by introducing a further canopy / winter-garden to activate the courtyard space. The new / revamped external spaces would be linked by a new open and flexible ground floor concierge accessed from both King St and the existing courtyard, with meeting pods, coffee shops and breakout spaces to give much needed activity and animation to the ground floor


To provide better access within these consolidated levels we would suggest a series of interventions to better integrate the stepped access to the scheme by extending the podium level and providing integrated steps, ramps, seating and planters to ensure that Pall Mall Court has a cohesive approach and clear access for all.


Finally there is potential for a second winter-garden located on the roof space of the lower block on King St, this would give building users somewhere to congregate and provide a dramatic addition to the primary frontage of King Street.