Rawtenstall Transport Strategy, Rossendale

Spinning Point is a new shuttle shaped building that is the key to the Rawtenstall site and the overall masterplan, it is at the heart of the development and it links the site with the wider Rawtenstall, and Rawtenstall with the surrounding areas.


In this key building we propose to put the new bus hub. It will house passenger waiting area, toilet facilities, a staffed passenger information point with digital displays, a cleaning store and a facility for Rossendale transport.


The new bus stands have been designed to fully integrate into the masterplan. The bus super stops are designed to minimise street clutter, they utilise the new buildings by providing innovative bus canopies to provide shelter. These shelters also form a covered walk way as you walk along Kay Street. The bus super stops will have fully integrated lighting and service information, providing an efficient and safe place for
people waiting for a bus.


This bus station strategy doesn't propose to build a like for like bus station for Rawtenstall, instead we are looking to provide facilities which satisfy the brief in an imaginative way, by distributing integrated super stops around the Spinning Point site, which will encourage a flow of people through the site.